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Holy Cow! Look at the New CFDA Clubs!

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Holy Cow! Look at the New CFDA Clubs!

Postby Alotta Lead » May 15th, 2019, 4:56 pm

Hi Everyone,
I am so excited to announce we have 4 new CFDA Affiliated Clubs! Each and everyone of them are a huge addition to the Cowboy Fast Draw Association!
Here they are, listed below, & if you're in their area, give them a call, get dressed up in your cowboy gear and go play with them. Again we are all so happy to have each new CFDA Affiliated Club onboard!
This CFDA Affiliated Club is headed up by none other than "BA" & "Slow Poke". This husband and wife make a great team in getting their club up and going, which is our first CFDA Affiliated Club in Utah. They are long time Life Members of the sport, and will make this one of the biggest clubs in the area, with a lot of new members that have joined CFDA & their new club! They currently practice every 2nd Saturday of each month. More times might be added as needed. A big Congratulations for your new CFDA Club "BA" & Slow Poke"
This new Affiliated Club has been started up by a long time CFDA member who now goes by the alias of "Slick Sixguns" aka Scott Severance. He's so excited to get his club up and going, invites all members to come and have a great time on the line, so give him a call, send an email to find out what the current times and days are going to be and go have some fun with "Slick Sixguns" and his gang!
This up and coming club is headed up by "Revelator" also known as Scott Van Note. Located close to the Houston- Richmond area, this is a new place for all members, old and new members to go play. His enthusiasm for the sport of Cowboy Fast Draw is coming through with the number of members it has already gotten. This CFDA Affiliated Club has the potential to be one big club folks, he's super excited, he has a fantastic set up, everything you need for a great time on the line! The current time for practice and shooting is every 1st & 3rd Tuesdays, with each 2nd Sunday also a club match day. So set your GPS to the Texas Gun Club there in Stafford & go Grip-it-and-rip-it! You'll have a blast!
Yes!! You read it right, we now have a club in the state of Illinois! This CFDA Affiliated Club has been a club in the works for quite a time and "The Rossiman" aka Gary Stevens a CFDA Life Member finally pulled the trigger to affiliate his club. He's finalizing some last items on his list, but you'll find the information on times and the location on the website and in the Gunslinger's Gazette once we receive it. So hang in there all you itchy trigger finger cowboys and cowgirls, you'll soon have a place to call home with the new CFDA club in your area!
Til next time ~ Have a super CFDA Day!!"Alotta Lead"
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