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Cowboy Fast Draw Association

The Cowboy Fast Draw Association is about "safety first, fun second, and competition third." It's about hand shakes, camaraderie, a man's word, morality and friendship, fair play and honest competition. Our credo is "The Cowboy Way in action and deed"; it requires no explanation.

Current CFDA World Records (with distance conversions)

Men's Record - Master Gunfighter
21' - .295 @24" Plate / 15' - .287 @ 17-3/16" Plate or Balloon-Disc
Ladies Record - Honey Badger
21' - .337 @24" Plate / 15' - .329 @ 17-3/16" Plate or Balloon-Disc

 Congratulations to the 
2017 Fastest Gun Alive

World Champions of Cowboy Fast Draw!
Lefty Lipscomb & Oregon Ranger

FGA 2017 Overall

FGA 2017 Men

 2017 Fastest Gun Alive Magificent 7 Men
1st - Oregon Ranger 
2nd - Cowboy Up
3rd - Master Gunfighter  
4th- Rodeo Romeo
5th - Sprayin Lead Ned
6th - Shady Mike
7th - Diamondback Billy

FGA 2017 Ladies


2017 Fastest Gun Alive Magnificent 7 Ladies  1st - Lefty Lipscomb
2nd- Traveler
3rd - Mrs. Cuss    
4th- KK Kid
5th- Kiss N Tell
6th- Harley Quinn
7th- Miss B Haven


2017 Top Gun Of the Year

TOP GUN 2017 Men

Top 10 Men
1st Old West - 265pts
2nd Snake Shooter - 257pts
3rd Bounty Hunter - 253pts
4th Part Time (not pictured) - 240pts
5th Quick Cal - 233pts
6th Powder Keg - 231pts
7th Short Keg - 226pts
8th Lead Poison - 224pts
9th Big Ugly - 223pts
10th Mongo (not pictured) - 210pts  

    Top Gun 2017 Ladies

Top 10 Ladies
1st Lefty Lipscomb - 302pts
2nd Slow Poke - 286pts
3rd K.K. Kid - 276pts
4th Dakota Rose - 255pts (not pictured)
5th Miss B Haven - 250pts
6th Marshal's Daughter - 249pts
7th Lightnin - 246pts
8th Huckleberry Honey - 239pts
9th Kansas Belle - 232pts
10th Whippin N Spurrin - 228pts (not pictured)


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 Be sure to check out this 8 part series by Quick Cal 
explaining how to get started in Cowboy Fast Draw.
(Double Click on video to view in full screen, and hit Esc to reduce)

Part 1- Introduction  Part 2- Six Guns/Holsters

Part 3A - Ammunition Part 3B- Targets & Timers


Part 4 - Clothing & Aliases Part 5 - Safety
Part 6 - On the Firing Line Part 7 - How a Contest Works
Part 8 - Basic Drawing Techniques  

 *WARNING!!!! DO NOT EVER ATTEMPT ANY FORM OF FAST DRAW WITH LIVE AMMUNITION.  WE ONLY SHOOT WITH WAX BULLETS.  Wax Bullets still have the potentional to be dangerous if not used properly, always follow normal firearm safety procedures.  Wax Bullets & other CFDA products are available in the CFDA Mercantile

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CFDA Shoot For The Stars Scholarship Program:

CFDA Shoot for the Stars Inc. is a non-profit corporation formed for the purpose of supplying educational opportunities in the form of scholarships to active members of the CFDA between the ages of 17 and 26 years. Application period for scholarships is Jan 1st through June 30th of the year in which the scholarship is to be awarded. Awards will be announced on this website on August 1st, and in the CFDA Gunslingers Gazette.