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CFDA RULES & Regulations:

Table of Contents:

(12th Edition – effective January 1st, 2023)
(Be sure to scroll down to the Rules Clarifications & Addendums section to check for recent updates)
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Please check the Rules Clarifications section below for any changes or clarifications to the Gunslinger’s Guidelines.

Rules Clarifications & Addendums:

Addendum – CFDA Target Start Light (2-2-22)

CFDA Equiptment Requirements

List of Approved Six-Guns (as of May 1st, 2022)
Holster Rules Explained – By Quick Cal (2/4/19)
Why? 17-3/16″ & Balloon-Disc Targets – By Quick Cal (updated 7-18-17)
Informational Articles:
Article – Bracket Match – How to Put On a Bracket Match – By Quick Cal (Updated 2/9/20)
Article- Enforcement Policy Results Technical Rule #17 – By Quick Cal (published in Gunslingers Gazette April 2016)
Article- Speed, Accuracy, Recovery, and Late Shots – By Quick Cal (published in Gunslinger’s Gazette April 2016)
Article- Triple 7 Test

Marshal Muster Information:

Helpful Tips to putting on a sucessful match:

Click here to view some tips for Putting on a Match
Click here for Bracket Matches Information and How to Put on a Bracket Match (previously published in the Gunslingers Gazette)
Cowboy Fast Draw Scoring Posse – – FGA (2017) Standard Operating Scoring Procedures

CFDA Basic Scoring System Instructional Webinar




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