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CFDA Regulators & Territories

 Regulator Guidelines

The Regulator Guidelines explain the intent and purpose of the CFDA Regulator Posse as well as the qualifications to become a CFDA Regulator

The Regulator Posse was formed to help support the growing number of CFDA members and
affiliated clubs and to help the sport grow. Regulators will provide training and support to both
new and existing clubs. Regulators may also represent the CFDA at events and functions
outside of CFDA. US Marshals will continue to be the CFDA’s rule making body. The
Regulators will insure that the rules are taught and applied properly. The Regulator Posse has
no authority over how CFDA affiliated clubs are run. Members of the Regulator Posse will meet
periodically, usually at CFDA sanctioned or titled matches to discuss issues and exchange
information. Regulators will meet annually during the CFDA World Championships.

Regulators & Territories

Regulators at Large (not assigned to a territory)
Slowpoke – Appointed 2019
(540)314-5413 or

Territory Alias & Phone # E-Mail
1. Great Northwest Territory-
PG Taylor (ID)
Appointed Original
Curly Calhoun & Cool Hand Suz (ID)
Appointed Original
Wild Shot (ID)
Appointed 2013
2. Western Territory-
No Daisy (CA)
Appointed 2016
Fowl Shot & Huckleberry Honey (CA)
Appointed 2020
3. Four Corners Territory-
Thirsty (AZ)
Appointed 2011
Muletrain & Southwest KC (AZ)
Appointed 2019
Yucca Kid (AZ)
Appointed 2022
4. High Plains Territory-
Boulder Vaquero & Boulder's Babe (SD)
Appointed Original
Boothill Bryce & Miss Christy (SD)
Appointed 2009
5. Great Plains Territory-
Kansas Belle (KS)
Appointed 2017
6. Southern Territory-
Windmill Kid & Miss Betty (TX)
Appointed 2012
Gentleman George & Texas Rose (TX)
Appointed 2014
Boss (TX)
Appointed 2014
7. Eastern-
Ringo (VA)
Appointed 2011
Von Zipper (FL)
Appointed 2016
Spanky (VA)
Appointed 2019
Smokin' Gun (FL)
Appointed 2023
8. Great Lakes Territory-
Fossilman & Lightnin (MN)
Appointed 2016
The Rossiman (IL)
Appointed 2019
Honcho "Ueli Bracher" - Switzerland Appointed 2016


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