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CFDA Shoot For The Stars Scholarship Fund

JUNE 30th of each year

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CFDA Shoot for the Stars Inc. Is a non-profit corporation formed for the purpose of supplying educational opportunities in the form of scholarships to active members of the CFDA between the ages of 17 and 26 years

CFDA Shoot for the Stars Inc. received its tax exempt status in December 2011

Application period for scholarships is January 1st through June 30th of the year in which scholarship is being awarded.

Scholarships will be awarded through the applicant’s college, university, or trade school.
Awards will be announced on the CFDA website and Shoot for the Stars Facebook page on August 1st and in the CFDA Gunfighters Gazette.

Scholarships will automatically be renewed on a year to year basis provided that the recipient maintains a cumulative 2.50 GPA or higher, has presented a letter from a CFDA US Marshall or Regulator that you have attended a sanctioned event or been active throughout the season.  However, the award amount of the renewal will be determined on a competitive basis and the previous-years award amount is not guaranteed.  Scholarships are only good for undergraduate degrees and will not be awarded or extended for post-graduate studies.  Scholarships are for full time students only.

Scholarships awarded through this institution are competitive.  While all applicants will be given the opportunity to compete for an award, the most qualified applicants will receive the highest award.  Maximum current award for the most qualified applicant is $2500.00.  Standard award for students enrolling in accredited post-secondary college or university is $2000.00.  Students choosing to pursue a technical/vocational trade or non-accredited course of study will receive a maximum award for 2 years.

The new rule was implemented in July 2016. All scholarship recipients must be physically active in the sport and not just hold a CFDA membership.  It is also your responsibility to keep up with deadlines, you will not be reminded of them.  This could interfere with your scholarship.

All returners must send a current transcript and letter by June 30 deadline or your scholarship will be revoked.

If you have any questions or would like to talk about this program, please email us at Shoot for the Stars.

Thank you and Good Luck to all applying:

Windmill Kid aka Randy Smith – President

Miss Betty aka Betty Smith – Sec/Tres  432-924-8116

To request an application, please email us at:
 Mailing address:
Shoot For The Stars
18013 South County Rd. 1357
Odessa, TX 79766-9434
Board of Directors
Windmill Kid- President                Miss Betty – Secretary/Treasurer
432-664-1913                                 432-924-8116

Gentleman George
Boulder Vaquero
Slow Poke
Quick Cal

CFDA Shoot for the Stars Recipients
Year    Name Alias Club 
2021Dalton WrightRichochet RibonRandolph County Rangers
2021Jayden EilrichSheriff RangoThe Great Basin Gunhawks
2021Cole HunterWiley CoyoteThe Lone Star Gunslingers
2021Daniel JohnstonsWinny DPowder Horn Ranch Regulators *2nd Scholarship
2020Michael DobbinsBlind BillyVirginia Peacemakers
2020Zane McCoyCrosswiredCrooked River Rangers
2020Kolton RoyaltyLil Country TraderPowder Horn Ranch Regulators
2020Zachary KingAkarate ZachCross Branded Peacemakers
2020 Hanny OakleyBlack River Bandits
2019 Arkansas AngelRandolph Country Rangers
2019 Lonestar LeadslingerBig Thicket Bushwackers
2019 Marshall DylanBig Thicket Bushwackers
2019 Trigger HappyBig Thicket Bushwackers
2019 Willy Hit ItBig Thicket Bushwackers
2018 Bandanna KidOld Peublo Gunfighters
2018 Crazy JaneRoute 66 smOKin Guns
2018 Harley QuinnThe Deputies
2018 Hot Lead HooliganVirginia
2018 June BugComanche Moon Renegades
2018 Miss Lily BelleThe Cowboys
2017Lily BatemanTiger LilyLone Star Gunslingers
2017Danielle JohnstonWinny DPowder Horn Ranch Regulators
2016Gabrielle SmithSassyWisconsin Peacekeepers
2016Glenn WalbornOne Shot BarneyWisconsin Peacekeepers
2015Justice James SiboleEagle EyeAssociation of Arizona Gunslingers
2015Wyatt TrautmanTNTPowder Horn Ranch Regulators
2015Emily LoveHeffayOld Dominion Fast Draw
2015Elissa LongSweet PeaIdaho Shootist
2014Levi PumphreyLevi Garrett Deer Creek Regulators
2014Krystal CastellSaguaro Bloom Old Pueblo Gunfighters
2013  CockeyeReno Peacemakers
2013 Austin Brower Little Greg Gunner Powder Horn Ranch Regulators
2013Jake TrautmanSaddle Sore Powder Horn Ranch Regulators
2013 LotoSawtooth Shootist Society
2012Cody LuthyOne Shot CodySparks Nebraska Spurs
2012Dakota MonroeLil’ SisVirginia
2011Courtney WilliamsBabalooeyAssociation of Arizona Gunslingers


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