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CFDA Alias Guidelines & Policy

The Cowboy Fast Draw Association strongly recommends the use of an “alias” when participating in CFDA events, it adds to the fun and spirit of the game.   When you register your alias with CFDA, it’s yours alone and will be recognized by CFDA and at CFDA events as long as you are an active member.  Once a CFDA membership expires and goes to the inactive status, in about 60 days, the unused alias becomes available to any active or new CFDA member.  Keep in mind if an alias sounds the same as another it is the same, tricky spelling doesn’t make it different. CFDA reserves the right to refuse the use of an alias, as vulgar or inappropriate aliases will not be permitted, CFDA management is the final authority in this decision.  

When choosing an alias use the list posted here to see if the alias you chose has already been registered. Due to new programs, this list will be updated monthly so even if your alias is not listed, it may have been registered recently.  So new members are still advised to list 2nd and 3rd Choices.

Choosing an Alias: This is your chance to be whoever you wish to be within reason. Your “old west” clothing can be designed around your alias or vise versa. Have fun with your alias and be sure and register it with CFDA.

Changing or Adding an Alias: (Only 1 Alias per CFDA Member #)

Changing Your Alias: If you would like a new membership card showing your new alias before your standard renewal time, there is a $10.00 charge.  You can also change your alias during renewals at no additional charge, please make sure that you make a note of that on your application or in the comment box online. 

Adding Your Alias:  If you did not write down or choose an alias at the time you joined, you can also add your chosen alias at this time.  A new membership card will be sent showing your Alias at no additional charge.

Please refer to the Alias list or contact CFDA Headquarters if you would like to make sure your chosen Alias is not taken.  

Please send any alias changes or requests to

Have Fun!
Jackie Daniels, CFDA Membership Director

Updated 6/20/2024


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