The CFDA General Store stocks both Mernickle Holsters & Belts, and in 2024 we’ve added DOH Lightning Fast Holsters!

Mernickle Holsters & Belts- We have expanded our stock to include their longtime popular CFD-5, CFD-3, and CFD-15 holsters, and now offer several models of their new Exposed Rawhide Holster. Plus, now we offer two colors, Mahoghany Brown & Black! Plus, their line of High-Performance Belts, sizes 38-52. Their belts have an interior lining of rough-out leather to reduce slipping.

DOH – Lightning Speed Holsters – Have been becoming very popular on the CFDA circuit. CFDA Member – Derek Holton a.k.a. Ranger Reeves began in leather work in 2016 after retiring from the Navy. He began making holsters in 2021 and really developed his skill both as a holster maker and shooter. Due to experimentation, comments, and development his holsters have attracted the attention of several CFDA Top Guns. We now stock 4 basic models of holsters, along with his roughout interior belts are available in both black and a dark brown.

Ordering Note: The most challenging part of ordering any holster/belt combination is the size of the gun belt. The buyer is responsible to pick this size accurately. We will gladly exchange the belt with a different sized belt, provided it is returned to us, at the expense of the buyer in brand new condition (if you wear it you own it), along with a check or money order for $15.99 to cover the cost of return shipping. Note: We offer these as a service with very little mark-up, even though we want you to be happy, we cannot absorb back and forth shipping costs on wrong belt sizes.

The most common practice that we find works the best is whatever size pants you wear in “non-stretchable waistlines”, add 6 inches to that measurement for a gun belt. i.e. If you wear a size 36 pants, then order a 42 belt.

Please select the options and sizes:Right Hand Draw Left Hand Draw [Please check one or the other]Hip Size (holster belt): ______________.

Measuring- If you insist on measuring, measure where you will actually wear the holster, USE TAPE MEASURE, WITH YOUR CLOTHES ON!). Note: Sometimes it is helpful to put on a belt where you wish to wear the holster, then take it off and measure from the end of the buckle to the hole that was used on the belt.

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