Targets & Accessories

Click on the video above to learn about the targets and timers used by the Cowboy Fast Draw Association.
The Targets: Are Round Discs, with a start light port in the center, covered with a polycarbonate or “Lexan” lens. Targets are painted black, and a coat of white lithium grease is applied as a means to mark and verify all wax projectile hits on the surface of the target. Targets have pre-drilled holes to mount the Light Shield and a Gunslinger Sensor.

17-3/16″ Target- About 80% of the clubs and championships currently use the 17-3/16″ Target, which is set centered at a height of 47″ from the ground. Championship distance is 15′.

Original 24″ CFDA Target is also available. It is set centered at a height of 50″ from the ground, Championship distance is 21′.

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