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The Gunslinger Cowboy Fast Draw Timer
The Gunslinger Cowboy Fast Draw Timer was designed and developed by Quick Cal to provide the sport of Cowboy Fast Draw with a continuous and stable supply of timing equipment that is necessary to build our sport in the future. It’s designed to be cost effective, simple, with a goal of providing as many years of trouble free service.

Master Component- The Gunslinger Timer is the Master Component for great accessories like Audience Displays, Mark IV Laser Target, and our Reaction Trainer.

Modular Design- The modular system is designed to meet the state-of-the-art needs ranging from running the largest Championship Tournaments, to the ultimate at-home practice range. You can have just One Lane, or daisy-chain them into 6 Lanes or more.

Practice or Contest Mode- All timers have both modes with a variable random start sequence that is impossible to second guess between 2 and 5 seconds.

Individual Home Practice Range- The display on the face of the timer is legible from beyond 15’. Timers can be located on a downrange side wall so that times can be easily read from the firing line. The Cat 5 Start Button, can be easily extended to behind the firing line when guests are running the timer.

The Gunslinger Cowboy Fast Draw Timer was introduced in 2011, and has been upgraded twice due to feedback from members. We also upgraded our LED Start Light to provide more visibility in outdoor venues.

Gunslinger Audience Displays now have two sizes, Standard and the “Big D”! Standard Displays offer good visibility for up to 50 feet, the Big D is advised for over 50 feet. Our displays give immediate results to whatever is show on the main timers.

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Download the Gunslinger Fast Draw Timer manual at www.cowboyfastdraw.com or click HERE

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