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Dead Eye EZ Loader Wax Bullets

            Dead Eye EZ Loader Wax Bullets have become the most popular wax bullet used in major championship competitions in the past few years.
            This wax bullet was especially designed for easy loading by hand or loading press.  The unique “Boat Tail” design, the tapered end goes into the casing first, is the fastest, easiest and most consistent loading bullet on the market. 
            EZ Loaders also feature a compression ring at the front that snaps the bullet right into place. It can also easily be pushed further into the brass casing, without fracturing the bullet, which reduces casing capacity.  This not only provides for increased velocity, but also a reduced velocity variant.
            The Boat Tail/Front Wad Cutter Design reduces the turbulence and produces a straighter flying bullet. These wax bullets are second to none for accuracy.  Wax bullets are a great marksmanship training tool for any handgun.  Since there is no recoil they are especially affective for learning how to overcome a  flinching problem.
            The melting point of this bullet is higher than some other brands on the market, 190 degrees, but not so high as to damage archery netting. The EZ Loader is designed to break apart on impact with a hard surface.  The wax/polyethylene formula allows for the least amount of waxing in the barrel rifling lands.
            The oil-based wax will not harm firearms and while it cleans with most gun cleaning solvents on the market, we manufacture a solvent that is specially designed to be effective for wax bullets called EZ Out Wax Bullet Solvent.
Wax Bullet Brass
            CFDA has a complete line of brass that is specially produced for firing wax bullets.  In Cowboy Fast Draw the most popular method is powering wax bullets in .45 Colt brass with shotgun primers.  Our CFDA Shotgun Primer Brass is exclusively manufactured for this purpose and is not drilled or modified.  It is simply the best there is on the market.  We also do modify nickel plated brass in both .45 Colt and .38 Special to accept large pistol primers that drop-in and fall- out like our Shotgun Primer Brass, so no loading tools are required.  We do not offer .38 Shotgun Primer Brass, as the shotgun primers propel the .38 wax bullets at almost 1,000 fps.  We do not carry what we do not recommend.       
            We recommend RIO, Nobel Sport, Wolf, and Fiocchi.  Most other brands of 209 shotgun primers have a problem with the center hull backing out and causing a cylinder to jamb.
Lead Warning:  Even though wax bullets do not contain lead, most brands of primers that are used to power wax bullets do.  Make use to use wax bullet ammunition outdoors or in a well ventilated area.
Warning!:  Wax bullets travel at over 600 fps, when only powered by a shotgun primer; they are not toys!  Wax bullet ammunition must be handled with extreme care, they can cause property damage and/or bodily injury.  NEVER POINT A FIREARM AT ANYTHING, THAT YOU’RE NOT WILLING TO DESTROY!

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