Mark IV Laser Targets, Laser Cartridges & Accessories

NEW!!!Mark IV Laser Targets, Laser Cartridges & Accessories
The Gunslinger Timer & Mark IV Laser Target System was developed for you to easily practice Cowboy Fast Draw  anywhere! Even in your living room!  With the use of the Mark IV Laser Target, CFDA-45 Gunslinger Laser Cartridges, which are accessories for Quick Cal’s Gunslinger Timer, you can now accurately work on your draw anywhere or anytime.
NEW! We’ve been improving our line of Laser Targets for over 6 years! The Mark IV Laser Target is our final version! (A Gunslinger Timer and other accessories are Required for our Mark IV-8 or Mark IV-17 Laser Targets)(Includes Y-2 Splitter & 2′ Blue Cat 5 Cable, for Practice Mode Training).  We have designed our Mark IV series to work with our new Low Cost 45 CFDA Gunslinger Laser Cartridges, so that it will only record a time on the initial pulse, letting you know that you are actually hitting a target, rather than sweeping on a continuous laser beam..  Stands are Optional! The Polaroid Tri-Pod works well for the Mark IV-8, we also have a New Lightweight Stand for the Mark IV-17, or an adapter that works perfect with the CFDA 5-Piece Target Stand. (See Laser Target Stands, Sold Separately).

Note: If you wish to run this unit in Contest Mode, where a Timer Operator runs the unit from behind the shooter.  This can be accomplished by either using a 25’+ Blue Cat 5 to place the timer also behind the shooter, where the times must be read by the Timer Operator, just like normal shooting ranges are set up, OR, By using a Red 25’+ Cat 5 Cable / with a Cat 5 Connector to extend ONLY the Start Button behind the shooter, so that times will still be displayed on top of the Laser Target.  All Items can be ordered in the Timer Accessory Section of the CFDA General Store.


Specifications Mark IV-8
Overall Dimensions:
10.5″ x 10.5″ x 3.5″ wood-framed housing, which makes it very adaptable to various mounting methods.  Weight: 3.5 lbs.
8″ round target area on the front of the box is a white translucent lens, that is designed to simulate a CFDA Target with grease.
Relative Distance: (Proportional)
Since the Laser Target it 8″, it is equivalent to 1/3 the size of a 24″ CFDA Target.  Therefore, it should be placed at 1/3 the distance of 21′, which is 7′, thus keeping it proportional.
Relative Height: (Proportional)
The average shooter fires their six-gun at 40″ above the ground, whereas, the 24″ CFDA Target is set to center 50″ above the ground.  Therefore, the Laser Target should be set at 1/3 the amount of bullet rise, which in this case is 43-3/8″.  Each shooter can also calculate their own personal bullet rise and set the Laser Target to individual specifications.

Mark IV-17
Controls & Operation
The control panel is located on the back panel of the wood-framed housing.  The shooter simply connects the Blue Cat 5 Cable from the Gunslinger Timer to the Control Panel Port.  This Laser Target requires and additional lead coming from the power supply.  It completely replaces the normal CFDA Target LED Light and Sensor.  There is an LED Start Signal that appears through the translucent lens in the center of Laser Target.
Overall Dimensions:
20.5″ x 20.5″ x 3.5″ wood-framed housing, which makes it very adaptable to various mounting methods.  Weight: 9.5 lbs.
17-3/16″ round target area on the front of the box is a white translucent lens, that is designed to simulate a CFDA Target with grease.
Distance: 15′ Height: 47″
There is no need for proportional setting, since the Mark IV-17 simulates exact setting for the 17-3/16″ Was Bullet Targets, used in competition.

New- Mark IV Control Panel (Same for either Mark IV-8 (8″ Version) or Mark IV-17 (17-3/16″ Version):

Reaction, 15′, or 21′ Settings  “Reaction”, is for pure time, which records the time at the speed of light, used for some reaction training techniques.  “15′ “, automatically does the math and adds .022 seconds, which is the average wax bullet travel time for a target placed 15′ away, this is normally the factory setting.  “21′ “, automatically does the math and adds .030, for those who wish to know what their time would be at 21′.

Sensitivity Knob
Mark IV Laser Targets operate in various lighting conditions, EVEN OUTDOORS (As long as it is not directly facing the sun).  However, there can be some indoor lighting conditions such as very bright LED lights in the close vicinity of the target.  Once power is connected to both the Gunslinger Timer and the Mark IV Laser Target, using the provided small screw driver, turn the Sensitivity Knob (clockwise) until the Red Light illuminates.  Then, turn the Sensitivity Knob, slowly (counter-clockwise) until the Red Light goes off.  If the unit is recording premature hits, then turn the Sensitivity Knob slightly (counter-clockwise).  If the problem persists, you made need to make changes to either lighting conditions or locate the Mark IV in a different location.  You might also try turning down the Gunslinger Timer Sensitivity.

Gunslinger Timer:
Just operate the timer normally in either contest or practice mode according to the Gunslinger Timer Manual.  Make sure the Sensitivity Knob on the timer is turned all the way (clock-wise).
Works with any Red Laser, however it is specifically designed to operate with the CFDA Gunslinger 3,000 Lumen CFDA-45 Laser Cartridge, only available through CFDA.

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